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Git init

Given you've set up a git daemon on and an empty repository:

cd <project_dir>
git init
git add .
git commit -m 'message'
git remote add origin
git push -u origin master

In case the remote repository is not empty, then you need to use the following sequence:

cd <project_dir>
git init
git add -A .
git pull master
git commit -m "message"
git remote add origin
git push

Git configuration

git config --global "Firstname Lastname"
git config --global

Changing a commit message






Git Subtrees

File renames

Resetting changes

Changing Author

Git patching


Patch management

Using git with a proxy

Setting the proxy configuration:

git config --global http.proxy

Unsetting the proxy:

git config --global --unset http.proxy

Check the currently set proxy:

git config --global --get http.proxy
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